About Us

Team Leader-Mr.Nicholas Katushabe


Developing A Business With Authentic Integrity

We are a business management and investment consulting firm based in Kampala Uganda, East Africa with businesses and investors to set up and manage successful plans, projects and business strategies for profit and impact.

Our experience in both consulting and business ownership(Yep we are business owners too) has revealed strategies that accelerate growth. If your goal is to be the visionary and profit making leader of your business, while your company systematically grows on its own, then our Consulting programs and services can work for you to make that happen.


Client Engagement Philosophy

We are committed to providing workable solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients' projects. Our goal is always to build long-term & valuable relationships with clients through delivering unrivalled solutions, ideas, products and services in a timely manner while supporting communities that are aligned with our purpose and vision.

Business Strategic Objectives

Our main objective is to provide leading strategies approach and review of business ideas, plans, operations, visions and activities to implement growth opportunities and restructure needs basing on reason, market surge and capability trends. Our professional team of experts has vast experience in a range of industries, so we can quickly analyze a business situation and rapidly apply our knowledge to finding workable solutions. 

our core Specific Objectives include;

  1. To improve the business management & resource structure for long-term benefits.
  2. To foster a unified corporate culture & governance in enterprises.
  3. To enhance the growth techniques that are timely & unvailed.
  4. To guide financial projections and strategies to become reality.
  5. To promote lean operations with entities and projects.


We Have Been Giving Best Business Support To Top Finance Companies Since 2016


We Are Leading Business Goal Success.

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Resource Planning
Digital Strategy
Business Services
Business Management


Over the years I have too authored and co-authored books, publications and materials on business
and humanity transformation that are shaping the human transcendence scape.

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